Scope of research in micro-metallurgy at the National Metallurgical Laboratory

Nijhawan, B R (1965) Scope of research in micro-metallurgy at the National Metallurgical Laboratory. NML Technical Journal, 7 (1). pp. 54-64.

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The scope of research in 'micro-metallurgy' bridges across the work of fundamental research studies and that of applied development themes thereby providing the link between theory and practice. The subject of 'micro-metallurgy', however, is not new-almost a decade back, at one of the N.M.L. Symposia, the role of 'micro-metallurgy' in relation to alloy steels was discussed with particular reference to some pioneering work undertaken on the subject at the National Metallurgical Laboratory. Basic and applied researches on diverse facets of 'micro metallurgy' have since been pursued at the National Metallurgical Laboratory; some of the themes have related to effects of micro additions on grain-size control of steel and on abnormality, strain-ageing effects in steel in relation to residual micro-constituents, micro-additions of rare earths to stainless steels and aluminium-magnesium alloys, micro-metallurgy of liquid metals, ageing of aluminium alloys in relation to trace elements, studies on phase changes in relation to micro-constituents, micro-metallurgy of aluminium-silicon alloys and heat resistant alloys and analytical techniques for measuring micro-additions to alloys. In this paper, a review has been made of some of the highlights of research results obtained in the foregoing broad themes whilst indicating current thinking on the subject and outlining fresh fields for future work along the line. The subject of 'micro-metallurgy' is of course, vast indeed and as such, requires priorities to be assigned, cataloguing of observed hypotheses and defining those needing focussed attention, particularly in relation to research facilities and equipment available for introducing specialised research techniques. Research studies undertaken so far have been fully rewarding whilst the search and research on, how so much is conferred by the so minute, present a fascinating metallurgical spectrum for unending research programming, in the planning and execution of which, the National Metallurgical Laboratory currently is actively engaged upon. (Dr. B.R. Nijhawan, Director, National Metallurgical Laboratory)

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