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Sarkar, C and Anuvrat, K and Garai, S and Sahu, S K and Chakraborty, J (2020) One pot method to synthesize three-dimensional porous hydroxyapatite nanocomposite for bone tissue engineering. Journal of Porous Materials, 27(1) (IF-2.183). pp. 225-235.

Chandan, A K and Bansal, G K and Kundu, J and Chakraborty, J and Ghosh Chowdhury, S (2019) Effect of prior austenite grain size on the evolution of microstructure and mechanical properties of an intercritically annealed medium manganese steel. Materials Science and Engineering: A , 768 (IF-4.081). p. 138458.

Chandan, A K and Mishra, G and Mahato, B and Ghosh Chowdhury, S and Kundu, S and Chakraborty, J (2019) Stacking Fault Energy of Austenite Phase in Medium Manganese Steel. Metallurgical and Materials Transactions A , 50(10) (IF-1.985). pp. 4851-4866.

Sarkar, C and Chowdhuri, A R and Garai, S and Chakraborty, J and Sahu, S K (2019) Three-dimensional cellulose-hydroxyapatite nanocomposite enriched with dexamethasone loaded metal-organic framework: a local drug delivery system for bone tissue engineering. Cellulose, 26(12) . pp. 7253-7269.

Sarkar, C and Sahu, S K and Sinha, Arvind and Chakraborty, J and Garai, Subhadra (2019) Facile synthesis of carbon fiber reinforced polymer-hydroxyapatite ternary composite: A mechanically strong bioactive bone graft. Materials Science and Engineering: C , 97 . pp. 388-396.

Oellers, T and Raghavan, R and Chakraborty, J and Kirchlechner, C and Kostka, A and Liebscher, CH and Dehm, G and Ludwig, A (2018) Microstructure and mechanical properties in the thin film system Cu-Zr. Thin Solid Films, 645 (IF- 1.879). pp. 193-202.

Sarkar, C and Kumari, P and Anuvrat, K and Sahu, SK and Chakraborty, J and Garai, S (2018) Synthesis and characterization of mechanically strong carboxymethyl cellulose-gelatin-hydroxyapatite nanocomposite for load-bearing orthopedic application. Journal Of Materials Science, 53/1 (IF- 2.599). pp. 230-246.

Chakraborty, J and Maiti, Tias and Ghosh, M and Das, Goutam and Chandra, Sanjay (2014) Cementite dissolution in cold drawn pearlitic steel wires: role of dislocations. International Confrence on Residual Stresses 9 (ICRS9), 768-769 . pp. 304-312.

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